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Building a Career

It was summer 1988. I was just a wide-eyed junior in high school. My parents coaxed me into trying a two-week training course in graphic design given by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I couldn't resist since the classes featured the two things that interested me the most, art and computers. After the class was completed, I was a convert. The school was outstanding, and graphic design was now my passion! High school graduation quickly arrived in 1989, and from there I was off to Pittsburgh to begin my creative studies.

I had my degree in hand after a few years of hard work mixed in with the usual college enjoyments. During this time, I helped pay for my education while working for a beverage company repackaging damaged products. I was able to make quick use of my newly learned skills by creating banner advertisement for local establishments.


Entering the Real World

Eager to jump-start my career I moved back to Ohio and began freelance work. My first major client was GOJO Industries Inc., of Akron. After fifteen months of freelance work, I was hired as a full-time graphic designer for their in-house design department. The years that followed were filled with learning experiences. From enhancing my knowledge of the latest computer design programs to understanding the techniques behind graphic design, I explored every facet of the art.

As the century turned and times changed, so did I. Web design was a relatively new medium that I wanted to begin learning. I searched the Internet for a new challenge and a new employer. I wanted a firm that would help me grow and learn but also be complemented by what expertise I had to offer. Within a few months of searching and interviewing I found a good match, GamingAds Inc., a small start-up ad agency representing online gaming.

I said my goodbyes to my GOJO friends and coworkers in December of 2000. I rolled the dice on my new adventure with GamingAds Inc. shortly thereafter. As I became familiar with GamingAds, I felt like I hit the jackpot as far as gaining new skills not only in design but also in desktop publishing, web design, and web marketing. Unfortunately, with the dot-com bust, most of the clients GamingAds enjoyed during its heyday closed up shop. With a shrinking client base, GamingAds felt the pressure and closed its doors in the summer of 2002.

Luckily, while at GamingAds I met a gentleman who had another advertising agency, Siebert Media Group, and was invited to come aboard. Taking me and a few others from the now-defunct GamingAds, we formed a highly creative team helping Siebert Media Group expand.

We hit the ground running and quickly shored up the remaining accounts left over from GamingAds. Working for a small but capable team, I learned to wear many hats and grow my skill set over those 15+ years. From effectively managing the creative direction of our most important clients to helping them take advantage of what good design, marketing, and advertising can do for their business. Over the years Siebert Media Group morphed into Siebert Advertising and my desire to move in a different direction laid the ground work for me to leave on good terms.


Present Day

I jumped back into the corporate world and am commuting to nüCamp RV in Sugarcreek, Ohio as a corner piece in their newly created marketing team. This exciting career change has presented new creative challenges for their fun and unique product line of travel trailers.

Even now that I'm older, my career continues to grow as new challenges for design, advertising, and marketing evolve. I am more confident in my skill set and the career path that I chose. I look forward to what challenges the future may bring.



Fun Design Projects

In addition to being gainfully employed in the design field, I have worked on some wonderful side design projects over the years with some extraordinary people. These experiences not only help me grow on a business level but also a personal level.


Client Focus: Flying Hydrant - Brochures/Flyers | Branding | Web Design
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One of the first significant design projects was partnering with Mike, a previous colleague from GOJO. He reached out to me about putting a website together to sell photographs that he took while battling cancer. I didn't realize at the time, but our long conversations and time spent working on the project was a way for him to keep his mind occupied while going through chemotherapy. I value that time spent on that project not only for business insight that Mike shared but also the personal moments that ended up being the real value of the site.


Client Focus: Web Design and Branding
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One of the most personal design projects for me was teaming up with my father and uncle to launch Bluestem Art. This is another photography site showcasing both of their creativity. It also helped bridge a gap that had grown over the years between my father and I and allowed us to reconnect.

One of the major business benefits of putting that website together was the tremendous lift in SEO his other business website (www.bluestem.ca) received once we started linking back and forth.


Client Focus: Art Work Development ? Website Design | SEO | Product Promotion | Product Advertising
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The most current project is RedLabel Shirts (www.redlabelshirts.com). Taking my children's love of music and my wife's idea and putting together a site selling t-shirts, stickers, and other merchandise. All geared towards people who are in a band or play an instrument.



Personal Notes

During my time at GOJO a pretty young lady caught my artistic eye – Jennifer, a print buyer in the design department. We married in June of 1998 and bought a house in Canal Fulton, to begin our family. We have two beautiful children. Collin our son, born in 1999 who plays the bassoon and currently enrolled in the University of Akron and Avery our daughter, born 2002 who dances with such beauty and grace, and plays the trombone.

In 2006, we moved to the city of Green, with a chocolate Labrador named Mocha, our beloved cat Matilda, and Angus, the corn snake. We have since lost Matilda and Mocha, but have gained a couple of other cats - Tiger and Luna.

In my spare time(?) you can find me spending time with that crew, fly fishing, or mountain biking.


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